Handmade Necklaces, Bracelets and Earrings

As a person who has always valued creativity, I love that I have been able to find a creative outlet  that helps me utilise different materials in a creative and functional way. I  love nature and  appreciate natural things in life, that is why I try to use natural materials for my Jewelry. I'm inspired by the ocean, the sky, the beach and natural rock formations. My beads are often combinations of natural semi-precious stone, ceramic, wood or glass with silver or copper accents. I love the colors as well as the feel and texture of my necklaces, I think if you appreciate beautiful and natural things you will love them too!

Pieces can be  custom made and designed  to suit your specific tastes and preferences.
I have begun a new collection using precious and semi-precious stones that can be also made to order.                   

All Jewelry  is always available for purchase from my home "store".

Many of the pieces  are designed to be sets with  matching earrings and some have  matching  bracelets as well.


Purchases can be made online  via this website. Please call or email me if that interests you.

My Jewelry is  also available through Etsy's, to connect to my page on  Etsy's 
click here:

The inventory on Etsy's will be updated in the next few weeks..

Beads of Blessing