1) Answer us Hashem with a true Salvation......(Morning Prayer)


2) The Soul which you have given to me is pure.....(Morning Blessings)


3) Stop your running, get quiet and still and know that I am Hashem! ( Tehillim 46:11)


Birth Support.

Having Recently Trained with Dona International as a Doula and as a Child Birth Educator,  I am ready to offer more in the way of

Pre-Natal and Post Partum and Birth Support!

Pre Natal Education!

Pre Natal Yoga!

Pre Natal Massage!

Nutritious and  Delicious Lunch!

Diet Recommendations!

$55.00.  Reserve your spot Now!

​Next date to be announced.

Afternoon Bliss Retreats  

featuring Restorative Yoga and Massage.

with Bracha and Brenda Gantous

Thursday afternoons:


$35:00 per Retreat.


If you are currently Pregnant, call me and we can discuss how best I can assist you at this most special time.

(917) 821-0694.

Kosher "Chants"

Using our voices as ways to relax, connect within and feel the vibration of sound is a powerful tool. Using sound we can release  tension and  connect to one's higher self and to Hashem. Here are some 'chants' taken from the Siddur or from Tehillim to enhance your moments of prayer and inner connection.  I hope you enjoy them.

Join us  monthly  for a unique Movement and Meditation Workshop based on Kabbalistic insights into the nature of the upcoming month.

Come ready to move and be moved. while we will also generate positive visualizations and affirmations for the coming month! Wear comfortable clothing.

Workshops are $18:00


Baruch Hashem, I am both a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT-500) as well as a Yoga Therapist certified by the International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT). I received my certifications from Yoga Mountain Inc. under Gail Walsh and did additional training with Paula Heitzner of The Nyack Yoga Center.

I  have created my own Yoga Studio in the New Hempstead area, providing a comfortable space where women can practice yoga in a culturally sensitive environment. Tiferet Movement has been called "Yoga with a Kaballistic twist"!

Weekly Group Classes:

Tuesdays and Thursdays

​All level (PreNatal friendly) classes


Drop in: $18

Discount Card: $15:00

Place: 32 South Gate, New Hempstead, NY, 10977

Yoga Therapy

Private sessions available by appointment.

With a  BA Ed. degree in Guidance Counseling as well as a Yoga Teaching Certification and a Certification in  Yoga Therapy,  I feel I am well trained and well equipped to help you address issues in your life from a mind-body perspective, to help you find balance and a greater sense of  inner calm and strength.

Come for a private session and we will 
custom create a Yoga Therapy program that will help you make meaningful changes in your life!

Call for a free consult and find out if you could benefit from Yoga Therapy.

For more info: TiferetMovement.com

"Feel the energy you are made of and listen inwardly for guidance..."

Erich Schiffman

Copyright 2013. Bracha Meshchaninov. All rights reserved.

Monthly New Moon/Rosh Chodesh

Movement and Meditation  Workshops.

Date of next

New Moon Workshop 

to be announced......

Special Birth Support Event with Brenda and Bracha.

Bracha: Certified Yoga Therapist and Dona trained Doula.

Brenda: Massage Therapist and Dona trained Doula.

Receive the benefits of complete relaxation!! 
Restorative Yoga offers the student an opportunity to quiet the body while resting in comfortable passive postures, turn off the mind and settle into a place of inner peace! Combine the pleasure of that with hands on massage from Brenda Ghantous*, a Medical Massage Therapist with years of experience!
 These workshops are accessible to everyone and beneficial to anyone needing a more gentle approach to yoga or recovering from illness or injury, or to balance an active yoga practice.