"We need to move from an experience of restriction  to one of freedom, from a state of exile to one of redemption, by revealing G-d's essential unity and the harmony and union of the physical and the spiritual." ....based on the teachings of the Lubavitcher Rebbe.

Special Events

Meaningful Celebrations around the Festivals, Shabbos dinners, Melava Malkas and more! 

 Womens TLC 

Women's Torah Learning Circle.

An interactive and contemporary approach to learning traditional Jewish texts. 

Tiferet Movement

Moving to find Harmony in Mind, Body and Soul. (TiferetMovement)

Open yourself to new ways of seeing and being.

Accessible to all levels of observance and backgrounds, Bracha's classes will help you connect to both your Jewish Heritage and your 'Essential-Self ' in an integrated and holistic way, allowing you to grow in both the Spiritual  and Physical  aspects of your life.

Guest Speakers

Sharing the gifts of wonderful teachers from all around the world!

Holistic Torah Educator

 Weaving together Heaven and Earth....